Xmas Holidays 2015 Day Twenty

Thursday 7 January 2016

This morning while out in the courtyard I noticed the marvellous almost dead looking hibiscus plant had all of a sudden come back to life was looking all leafy and had flowered.  For some reason this got me all motivated to get busy and this turned out to be the busiest most productive day of my whole holiday


First stop would be to the amazing hardware store that still sold parts to my toilet.  Luckily they actually stocked the part I needed and it wasn’t very expensive at all, and the dude who served me was very helpful and didn’t treat me like an idiot at all, this calls for a celebration and almost gave me another lease on life!


Across the road from the fantastic hardware store is the old Corbans Vineyard.  It’s now a public park with no wine making happening there anymore, but there are still some cool old buildings and lovely gardens to photograph.

After that with all my new found wealth (not needing a plumber or a whole new toilet) I figured I could splash out and buy a new couch. So I headed back to the North Shore to check out some new couches. Turns out the decent ones are a lot more expensive than I thought, so a new couch would have to wait and I went to the garden centre instead to buy some new plants and a pot big enough to repot the maple a good friend gave me as a birthday present last year.


After all my hard work and shopping I decided I needed a beer and it was such a beautiful evening I could light my fireball and enjoy the garden and Xmas lights.

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