Xmas Holidays 2015 Day Eighteen

Tuesday 5 January 2016

Today I went off in search of a new flushing bit for my toilet.  I noticed before Xmas that my toilet wouldn’t stop flushing.  So I jiggled the flusher thingy around a bit and it stopped.  A couple of days later I noticed that water was slowly leaking into the toilet so I took the lid off and investigated, I discovered the problem so put it back, closed the lid and hoped for the best.  This worked on and off, but Xmas was the worst time of year to be trying to find a replacement part as the hardware stores that stocked such a specific toilet part were all closed for Xmas.

At last the stores were open and I could hopefully find a replacement part if anybody still stocked them.  My worst fear is that it was so old I’d have to buy a whole new toilet, which would mean a plumber and probably a tiler to replace the tiles around the base of the toilet.  I definitely did not want to have to pay for a plumber coz the last one charged me $500 just to replace a tap!!!

The first place I went to made all the usual noises, pulled very ugly faces, went out the back to look and then simply said Nope!  I’d have to go to a more specialised store, one that stocked my “rare” type of toilet and cross fingers very hard that they still stocked this particular part – it’s a single flush thing which of course is bad for wasting water so nobody stocks replacement parts for them anymore.

So I went to the very specialised store they recommended and guess what… it was closed for another whole week.  Great!!!  I could have travelled all the way to Henderson where their main retailer might be open but I couldn’t do that today, as I was having visitors so I put it off for another day and hoped none of my visitors would need to use my loo LOL.

On the way home I went via the old neighbourhood to buy the wine and cheese for the evening.  Then I thought I’d drive past the old house where I grew up and on my way I had to stop suddenly so I could get out and photograph an amazing change on the corner of my old school buddy’s street.  What used to be a really pretty cottage type house had become two massive modern houses.  I found out later (after sending the pics to the friend who lived on that street) that the house that used to be on that spot had been transported up north somewhere by the original owners.5-01-16

My visitors popped round after dinner to check out my Xmas tree and see all the Xmas lights and luckily… nobody had to use the loo!!!

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