Auckland Brick Show 2022

After a 2-year absence the brick show was back 5 & 6 November. In 2020 it was a small part of Armageddon and in 2021 because of Covid it didn’t happen at all. So, this year I was a bit more excited about going to the show than normal. And I wasn’t disappointed, there was lots of stuff I’ve never seen before, so thank you Lisa for coming with me.

The winners of Lego Masters NZ were there with the winner’s trophy. Yes the box of chocolates is made of Lego.

One of my favourite builds in the NZ Lego Masters show from my favourite team was also there in miniature form – it was life-size in the show.

Interestingly even though I’m not a huge Hobbit/LOTR fan, my favourite builds were from those movies:

If you look closely at the next photo you can see each little scene is made from one colour:

There was even a life size motorbike:

I have a campervan model just like the one below, but this one opens up!

In the next video you can see actual water running through the model – I’m sure I’ve never seen real water used in a Lego model before.

Lastly, one more pic but it’s not Lego – amongst this guy’s Lego models were a bunch of old computers that actually worked and ran programs to make his Lego models work. These took me way back to the 80s. So cool.

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