Xmas Holidays 2015 Day Twenty Two

Saturday 9 January 2016

Today started out with brunch at a garden centre in Albany, catching up with a friend.  As the temperature was already sneaking up I decided to have something refreshing rather than cooked so I ordered the Muesli with yoghurt.  A very unusual order for me but it seemed healthy and the right thing to do.  Turned out to be totally awesome and I’ll be having that next time I go back there.


After that I went on a couch hunting mission.  Yes it was a mission – nothing was as cheap as I thought it would be and because it was a really hot day I realised many of the fabrics I initially liked made me sweat!!!

Finally after driving round all over the North Shore I found one I liked – it’s versatile, comfy and has a really similar layout to the one I have right now – plus it was on special.


But then there was the problem of choosing the right colour!!!


So I got a quote and delivery date and headed off to do some last minute window shopping to be sure I’d found the right one.  And then I found this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I could not believe my eyes – it looked like something out of the movie Frozen – seriously it was for sale and NOT cheap.

Eventually I ended up at the cleanest, nicest, flashest Carl’s Jr for some late lunch.


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