London Day Nineteen 

Thursday 20 April

A nice lovely relaxing day today.  Usually when we go in to the city we catch the train to Waterloo and then we catch the Waterloo to Reading home and get off at Egham, but today I got to go the other way and find out what Reading was actually like – it was lovely.

First thing on our list of things to do in Reading was lunch.  Because we don’t have sit down Pizza Hut restaurants in Auckland anymore it was a real treat to go to one here.  They even serve alcohol!!!

After lunch we went to the big mall so I could see if there was anything in the Apple Store that I didn’t know existed but simply couldn’t live without.  There wasn’t!

I found a really cool retro Casio watch with the world time built in to it in a department store called John Lewis.  I need this watch for the long journey home because my Apple Watch has a minor downfall – you can’t manually change the time on it, it needs the iPhone to know the time and because I didn’t turn on data in Dubai as I had no idea of the cost, my watch permanently told the wrong time all the way to London.  It comes complete with a massive instruction booklet so that’ll keep me busy for some of the mega long 30 hour journey home.

After that we strolled around Reading for a bit and headed home.


London Day Seventeen

Tuesday 18 April

This morning we set off to see the Millennium Bridge and St Paul’s Cathedral (where Princess Diana got married).

I’ve wanted to see this bridge ever since it featured in a Harry Potter movie.  Seeing St Paul’s standing out in the sunshine looking massive was a very impressive sight.

On the way to the bridge we walked past The Globe (Shakespeare’s famous old theatre).

St Paul’s was beautiful and I even climbed hundreds of stairs to go up to the Whispering Gallery in the hope of taking some spectacular photos, but you’re not allowed.  I don’t understand that – at Notre Dame you could go wild taking photos of absolutely everything, but not here, plus it was quite expensive to just go inside £18.  However… if Princess Diana did have a choice over where she got married I can see why she chose there.

After that we caught a bus to the Southbank Centre so I could see a Lego exhibition by Nathan Sawaya, a very famous builder who is commissioned to create works all over the world – I even have one of his books, that’s how famous he is LOL.  We had the whole bus to ourselves so we could sit upstairs and right up front giving me a great view of the old city and many beautiful famous buildings.

The exhibition was way bigger and better than I imagined and I think I nearly wore out my poor old camera.


After that we had lunch by the river where I contemplated my next move.  I was keen to do a river cruise out to the Barrier but I’d missed the last boat that would take me that far, so I decided to do that tomorrow and go shopping on Oxford St instead.  I had a great time wandering through all the big name stores, I ended up buying a few shirts, a DVD box set of a TV show you can’t get in NZ and I’ve waited ages for it to come out (well since November at least), plus a CD.  After all that shopping I needed to rest for a bit and had a drink in the top floor cafe of Selfridges.

After that I walked all the way to the end of Oxford St for a quick look at Marble Arch.

Then I walked all the way back to the Bond St station and headed for home. On the way I got to see Selfridges all beautifully lit up.

Xmas Holidays 2015 Day Twenty

Thursday 7 January 2016

This morning while out in the courtyard I noticed the marvellous almost dead looking hibiscus plant had all of a sudden come back to life was looking all leafy and had flowered.  For some reason this got me all motivated to get busy and this turned out to be the busiest most productive day of my whole holiday


First stop would be to the amazing hardware store that still sold parts to my toilet.  Luckily they actually stocked the part I needed and it wasn’t very expensive at all, and the dude who served me was very helpful and didn’t treat me like an idiot at all, this calls for a celebration and almost gave me another lease on life!


Across the road from the fantastic hardware store is the old Corbans Vineyard.  It’s now a public park with no wine making happening there anymore, but there are still some cool old buildings and lovely gardens to photograph.

After that with all my new found wealth (not needing a plumber or a whole new toilet) I figured I could splash out and buy a new couch. So I headed back to the North Shore to check out some new couches. Turns out the decent ones are a lot more expensive than I thought, so a new couch would have to wait and I went to the garden centre instead to buy some new plants and a pot big enough to repot the maple a good friend gave me as a birthday present last year.


After all my hard work and shopping I decided I needed a beer and it was such a beautiful evening I could light my fireball and enjoy the garden and Xmas lights.

Xmas Holidays 2015 Day Three

Monday, 21 December, 2015

Today was the first official day of my annual leave, a Monday where many people still went to work.  I’m going away on a road trip tomorrow so I decided to try my luck at the local mall and hope for a car park and not too many crowds and buy a double USB car charger.  That way I could Bluetooth my iPhone to my friend’s car stereo and charge it, incase that drained the battery too much and still have his GPS plugged in or whatever else he needs plugged into the cigarette lighter.

I was in luck… there were plenty of parks and not too many people, in fact as I walked past Santa on his throne I was fairly certain he was fast asleep and there were no people waiting to have their photos taken with Santa.


I found the double USB thing plus I scored a very handy plug box with two fast USB charging slots and two ordinary sockets and a little extension cord, perfect for travelling when the only place to charge your stuff while in a hotel room is trickily located behind some curtain and there’s only one plug.


I also scored some awesome purple lights for half price at the warehouse.


But I didn’t really know what to do with them, so out of pure desperation to do something with them I chucked them on the towel thing in the bathroom, which turned out to be very cool, coz I don’t need to use the light in there anymore as the purple lights are so bright!