Bestest English (Q16)

Would you like to save the this timer????  Wow, that’s really bad English.  This DVD recorder is a Phillips, so I’m totally shocked at this message.  Where has quality control gone?  This is enough to put me off ever buying anything made by Phillips ever again.  The other problem I have with this machine, is that it’s so hard to operate, it’s just not logical at all.

Competition question number sixteen: What programme was I trying to record?  Normally I watch this show on Sunday nights, but I went out tonight with a group of friends to see the movie Inception.  Wow, that was amazing!  I went to this movie for three reasons:

  1. Nicky told me I’d love it
  2. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in it
  3. The special effects looks awesome in the trailer.

The second and third reasons were happily fulfilled, Joseph was amazing as always and the special effects were incredible, but Nicky was a bit wrong.  It was so complicated I just couldn’t keep up, a bit like the DaVinci Code really, after about ten minutes I had to tell myself that there wouldn’t be a test at the end of the movie, so just sit back and enjoy the ride, you don’t have to get it.  It was a bit like a cross between the Matrix & a PlayStation game.

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