The Hotel (Q15)

The Hotel

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When this hotel was completed in the mid 80s it was the grandest hotel ever to be built in Auckland. I instantly fell in love with it and spent many nights there having a cocktail before heading out to other bars.

I also had far too much to drink there one Xmas Eve at a Champagne Breakfast before work and couldn’t remember the combination to the safe at work (I worked in a bank). Consequently customers couldn’t get their money out until I managed to open the safe! Actually I think I could remember it, I just couldn’t manage to dial it correctly.

One of my friends treated me to a room there for my 21st birthday and I had one of the best nights ever for reasons that just can’t be explained in my Blog.

About a year ago I walked past the hotel, looked up and went into complete shock at what I saw. They had somehow managed to build another 11 floors on top of the hotel and as you can see, are selling them off. Wish I could afford to buy one or at least know someone who lives there so I could visit them.

Competition question number fifteen: What was the name of this hotel back in the 80s?


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