“neverblack”… More Like Never There (Q17)

For a couple of weeks these posters have been on various bus shelters around the city.  They looked interesting so I decided to check out the website: http://www.neverblack.co.nz but this always led me to a completely blank page.  The address was correct, my browser would go to that page, but there would be nothing but whiteness.  So I guessed maybe that’s it… the page is nothing but whiteness and will never be black!!!

But how weird is that, plus a total waste of time.  I figured it must be some kind of cool advertising for something that is coming but not quite here yet, a wee taste of things to come.  To make things even more random… some of the posters had the models dressed in nothing but black!  So I don’t get it, I must be too old and not cool.

Today I saw this poster yet again but on a different bus shelter so I decided to share the nothingness with you.  So I took a photo of it and blogged it.  However I just checked it out and the website is now up and running.  It is a fashion label.

Competition question number seventeen: What street was I standing on when I took this photo?

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