“neverblack”… More Like Never There (Q17)

For a couple of weeks these posters have been on various bus shelters around the city.  They looked interesting so I decided to check out the website: http://www.neverblack.co.nz but this always led me to a completely blank page.  The address was correct, my browser would go to that page, but there would be nothing but whiteness.  So I guessed maybe that’s it… the page is nothing but whiteness and will never be black!!!

But how weird is that, plus a total waste of time.  I figured it must be some kind of cool advertising for something that is coming but not quite here yet, a wee taste of things to come.  To make things even more random… some of the posters had the models dressed in nothing but black!  So I don’t get it, I must be too old and not cool.

Today I saw this poster yet again but on a different bus shelter so I decided to share the nothingness with you.  So I took a photo of it and blogged it.  However I just checked it out and the website is now up and running.  It is a fashion label.

Competition question number seventeen: What street was I standing on when I took this photo?

Bestest English (Q16)

Would you like to save the this timer????  Wow, that’s really bad English.  This DVD recorder is a Phillips, so I’m totally shocked at this message.  Where has quality control gone?  This is enough to put me off ever buying anything made by Phillips ever again.  The other problem I have with this machine, is that it’s so hard to operate, it’s just not logical at all.

Competition question number sixteen: What programme was I trying to record?  Normally I watch this show on Sunday nights, but I went out tonight with a group of friends to see the movie Inception.  Wow, that was amazing!  I went to this movie for three reasons:

  1. Nicky told me I’d love it
  2. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in it
  3. The special effects looks awesome in the trailer.

The second and third reasons were happily fulfilled, Joseph was amazing as always and the special effects were incredible, but Nicky was a bit wrong.  It was so complicated I just couldn’t keep up, a bit like the DaVinci Code really, after about ten minutes I had to tell myself that there wouldn’t be a test at the end of the movie, so just sit back and enjoy the ride, you don’t have to get it.  It was a bit like a cross between the Matrix & a PlayStation game.

Old Fashioned (Q14)

This morning on the bus I sat in the row behind the double seats where the people sit opposite each other. From where I was sitting I could see what the 8 people in front of me were doing… 7 of them were either texting or playing with their iPods and one person was just looking out the window. After about five minutes the one looking out the window got out a book and started to read.

For some strange reason that amused me coz I thought that was really quaint and old fashioned. What’s not amusing is how reading a book on the bus seems old fashioned.

Competition question number fourteen: What building does this magnificent ceiling belong to?

The Viaduct (Q5)

One week before this brand new bit of motorway opens for cars, we got to walk across it, making this a once in a lifetime opportunity.  It rained a couple of times but not so much.  Afterwards we walked all the way up to the top of the mountain you can see in the distance, appearing in the video below at about 0:11 seconds.

Competition question number five: What is the name of the mountain I climbed, mentioned in the previous paragraph?

For more photos, check out my Flickr.

Freak of Nature (Q3)

I’ve had these flowers growing at my front door for a while now.  I planted them to be a lovely display of white flowers.  BUT today when I got home from work, I noticed two of the new buds are PINK!!!

So now I’m not sure if I’m happy about this.  I think pink will be a really cool touch, but it’s not what I was planning, but…  oh well never mind.

Anyway, on with the quizz.  Competition question number three:  What is the name of the flowering plant in this photo?

That’s a Big Bus (Q2)

I got to ride on a really really long bus this morning.  It was almost luxurious and reminded me of being on some tour round Europe.  The bus was so long that everybody had their own window seat, with several seats to spare.

Competition question number two:  Which famous car parking building can you see through the windows of the bus in the photo?

Blue Sky

While looking around for something to put in my blog today I noticed how stunning the sky was.  There were no clouds at all which probably explains why suddenly it’s become so cold.

I love how there are still some old buildings left on our main shopping street, leaving us with some history; even though it’s a short history it’s still better to have some history rather than none at all.

It’s All Over

The Big Weigh in happened this morning but I didn’t win.  The winner lost 18kg which beat my 13kg.  I was only 1% behind her in actual body weight loss percentage so I feel it would’ve been kinda unfair if I did win.  The winner really did deserve to win and I’m really happy for her.

I’m happy for me too, coz I lost 13 kg and that’s HUGE.  That’s way more than my goal of 10 kilos and I have received many wonderful comments which have certainly encouraged me, pushed me to work a bit harder and as a result I feel really happy & healthy.

As planned one of the other top five biggest losers and I had KFC for lunch today to celebrate, we deserved it.  We took it back to work and ate it in the lunchroom where the looks of horror on people’s faces were priceless.  They didn’t realise the competition ended today.  But it’s nice to think that five months ago nobody would’ve blinked at the sight of me eating KFC and now they not only blink… but they look like stunned mullets.

Now I’m not sure what to do.  I feel a bit lost, it’s all over and I don’t want to waste 5 months of hard work and put all the weight back on, so I will have to come up with a new plan.  And to prove I mean it, even though I don’t have to, I’m actually going to get on the stepper in a few minutes and do 20 minutes.