Xmas Holidays 2015 Day Sixteen

Sunday 3 January 2016

With all the rain that we’ve been having over the last few days I’ve struggled to get to sleep, because it’s been too humid and stuffy and hot and I can’t open my windows when it’s raining in certain directions because I don’t have any eaves to protect the windows and stop the rain from coming straight in.  Because my bedroom window is very high up I’m lucky to be able to sleep with the window wide open most nights.

So Today I set off in search of a new fan for my bedroom that would be quieter than the old thing I’ve had churning away late at night.  I also wanted it to to have a remote control and a timer so it would go off after about half an hour etc when I would be fast asleep.

After trawling around all the usual places in Wairau Park I hit the jackpot at Harvey Norman who were having a massive sale – a very quiet sunbeam pedestal fan with blue lights, a remote control and timer.


On the way home I stopped at Mcdonalds for some long overdue lunch and shockingly EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED!!!

There are big touch screens where you order what you want and pay for it.  You can even select a whole bunch of stuff like the meat, sauces, fillings and patties etc.  It is possible for old fuddy duddies like me to go up to the counter and order the old fashioned way and of course you can still order the old favourites like a normal Big Mac combo.

But… if you do “build your own” burger it gets delivered to your table on a wooden platter and the fries come in a flash metal basket!!!


I’ll have to let you know how that goes, on a different visit – I went the old school way and ordered a basic combo from a person at the counter, paid in cash and carried my tray all by myself to a table.

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