Bathed in Blue

This Labour weekend I’ve been very busy fishing. Not the catching fish for dinner sport but the tropical fish kept in a tank to look at hobby.

I went to the fish shop to get a new light bulb for my tank and walked out with a whole new tank. It looked very cool in the shop and I figured it was small enough so I could put it on my kitchen bench which would give me something to look at while waiting for my toast to cook, or the jug to boil for coffee which are the two main activities that go on in my kitchen (I don’t cook).


The whole time I was contemplating buying the tank I kept thinking but I don’t need another fish tank to clean but on close inspection I discovered the light had a BLUE option. As soon as I saw that I had to have it.

I love it, I can even sit next to it and have breakfast or enjoy a coffee and the fish all swim up to me to have a look at what I’m doing, but best of all… at night time the whole kitchen becomes bathed in fabulous blue light.


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