Thank goodness for daylight savings! I’ve just spent two days in Napier for work and thanks to Daylight savings I was able to leave work, check in to the hotel, relax a bit and then go for a big walk and take loads of photos before it got dark. The weather has been absolutely amazing – really hot and sunny, so I was able to rush out at lunch times on both days and get more photos.

This quick little trip has also had a couple of surprise highlights. The first was the hotel… It really was stunning, nice balcony overlooking the ocean, cute little gift pack of juice, cheese and crackers and chocolates upon arrival, enormous room, huge bed, a choice of 3 different places to sit and work in my room, free Internet, loads of TV channels with great reception AND the most enormous spa bath right there in my room strategically placed so I could enjoy a spa while watching TV or the ocean views. The price for all this luxury was actually one of the cheapest places I’ve stayed in recently.


The second surprise highlight happened after I uploaded a photo to Facebook of Napier after work yesterday and a friend who moved down here about a year ago saw the upload and texted me. Unbelievably I hadn’t connected the dots and realized I knew anyone down here. So thanks to the great timing of her seeing the upload we were able to get together for coffee.

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