Wanganui Day One

Today didn’t start off too well, the flight to Wanganui was delayed by an hour, but at least I discovered this before I left home for the airport and could make the most of the delay at home rather than at the airport.

I’ve never been to Wanganui before so I’m a little bit excited to be here. Flying into Wanganui was awesome!!! The airport is right by the ocean and the water was an amazing blue and turquoise colour, just like a tropical paradise. At one stage of the landing I thought we were going to land on the beach, it was so cool.

Because I was arriving an hour late I was a bit worried about setting up the training room with all the laptops etc in time for the first session, but the wonderful people had set everything up for me and all I had to do was turn everything on. They even had a welcome lunch and cake waiting for me. So in the end the first session was only 15 minutes late.

When I left Auckland the weather was awful, cold and raining, but when I arrived in Wanganui it was sunny and hot – yay! This meant that after I’d checked into the hotel I could head out for a walk to see the sights. I found a lake!

The lake was lovely, there was ducks, swans, coots, pukekos and best of all… baby pukekos, I’ve never seen baby ones before.





On the way back to the hotel I even found a 4 Square store, I haven’t seen one of them in a long time.
As I turned onto the street the hotel is on I saw a crossroad sign which told me I’m somewhere between Palmerston North and New Plymouth and that reminded me of a Christmas family holiday when we drove to Nelson. We stayed in both those places, which made me think… maybe I have been here before!


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