Day 8, Thursday 22 March

My last day in Vegas, so I wanted to do all the things I had on my list that I hadn’t done yet, if possible.

First stop… The Sign, they’ve had to build a special car park around it in the middle of the road coz so many people get out of their cars to photograph it on their way in to town – its on the way to the casinos from the airport. While I was waiting my turn to photograph the sign I said to Amy, I can’t believe there is a queue just to take a picture of a sign and the guy in front of me turned and said: “Oh but it’s THE SIGN.” and he was right.

Next stop Mandalay Bay, another casino with a massively grand entrance. I was looking for the entrance to the aquarium but couldn’t find it so gave that a miss and headed over to the Luxor. That’s the one shaped like a pyramid with a big Sphinx out front. The Titanic Exhibition is at the Luxor and I’ve wanted to see that for years – it was really well done. They had parts of the ship totally recreated, like first class & third class cabins, the promenade deck and the grand staircase (just like in the movie) and many items recovered from the shipwreck.

Next stop New York New York, one of the structures making up that casino is a building like the Chrysler which is another dream of mine to photograph one day – so it was cool to be able to do just that.

Next stop M&M World – four floors of M&M merchandise, M&M statues you can have your photo taken with and a 3D movie theatre – way cool. I’m sure they pump the air full of a chocolate smell to make you hungry and buy more chocolate. They have every flavour imaginable in huge pick and mix dispensers where you can fill bags of very expensive chocolate very easily.

Next was a ride on the monorail out to the part of town they call Old Vegas, where the original casinos are, like Circus Circus, the Stratosphere and the Sahara. It’s also known as the seedy side of Vegas – I loved it. You have to go there if only to enjoy “The Freemont Street Experience”. This is a spectacular light show happening on the roof of the covered street every hour set to music. It was like a massive dance party with everyone walking around with beers very happily looking up. It is amazing to me that you can just walk into a store, buy postcards, tee shirts and beer (by the bottle) then walk out onto the street and drink it. And that’s exactly what everyone was doing so I had to do it too.

Final stop was an attempt at finding a lookout point away from the strip where I could try to photograph the lights from a distance. After many attempts we found a great spot on top of a casino car park. Was too hard to get any decent shots without a tripod, but the view was great.






One thought on “Day 8, Thursday 22 March

  1. I loved the M & M shop in New York – sounds very similar, so much chocolate I was overwhelmed and only purchased one bar.! I still have my M & M watch from 2007 when we first went to NY.

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