Day 7, Wednesday 21 March

Today Amy drove us up to Mount Charleston where she has a cabin in the woods. There was snow everywhere but the weather was warm and sunny with the clearest blue skies – the blue in the sky was stunning, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a deep blue.

We stopped at the lodge for brunch and had a quick look through a Xmas shop that is open all year round. Amy explained on the way up to the mountain the local village is really small, they only have one shop and that’s a Xmas shop but it’s open all year round, of course I thought that was cool, but Amy wasn’t saying that to impress me. While we were in the shop Amy asked me if I put up a tree at Xmas, coz she wanted to buy me a souvenir decoration from Mt. Charleston. I laughed quite hard coz Amy doesn’t know how much I love Xmas, I had to tell her that I now put up four trees at Xmas.

Next stop was the bar where all the skiers hang out and take the chair-lift up the mountain. The cool thing about this place was they had Bud Light in a blue bottle, a beer I’d seen advertised on one of the big electronic billboards on the Strip and tried to find everywhere we’ve been ever since, it was very very drinkable.

From there we drove to Amy’s cabin, at the bottom of her road was a card reader which required a swipe card to open the gate to allow you up the road. I thought it was so funny coz the reader and gate were kind of in the middle of nowhere. But without a card there was no way you could drive up there, there was too much snow to drive round the gate, so it did make it kinda secure.

Amy’s cabin was wonderful, it had power, a telephone and even WiFi. The weather was perfect so we grabbed a couple of beach chairs (snow chairs) a bottle of wine and sat out in the snow enjoying a glass of wine. The sky was stunningly blue and the snow was so white and the wine was so delicious – I was in heaven (once again).

On the drive back I discovered a cable in Amy’s car that could connect her car stereo to my iPhone, this meant I could enjoy some more wine, the stunning scenery and listen to Celine Dion all the way home – FABULOUS!!!




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