Getting Very Excited



Off to Wellington for 2 days which is quite exciting but as the airplane taxied past the international terminal and I saw an Air New Zealand Jumbo Jet just like the one I’m going on next week, I got so excited I couldn’t stop smiling – what an awesome feeling.

At last the wait is down to single digits, yes it’s only 9 more sleeps and one of those sleeps is in a hotel in Wellington.

Normally when I fly to Wellington I sit on the left side coz the view is of the land as we head south. But the last time I did that the sun was so strong & hot I had to pull down the shade, so this time I thought I would try the other side of the plane and WOW it was awesome. The view was way more interesting as you can see from the photos, plus as we were landing I could see the south island and snow capped mountains which would have made a great photo but by that point we had to have all electronic devices turned off so I couldn’t take a picture. So from now on I’m always going to sit on that side of the plane.

2 thoughts on “Getting Very Excited

  1. Hey beejay lovely photo from Gizzy.

    We had a wonderful time with you as our tutor and since we returned to our real job we have been working on our manager to get you back in Gisborne!!

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