Friends in High Places

Wow… I popped round for a drink (or two) after work to a friend’s place today, coz I just found out she has a place in the city – right next to work.

We know each other through a mutual friend and meet up every now and then at parties. It’s always fabulous to see her. Thanks to Facebook the last time we ran into each other we managed to get in touch with each other and have been Facebook chatting quite a bit and today she invited me round to her place for a farewell drink before I leave for the States for my big holiday.

When she told me her address I nearly fell off my chair coz the address she gave me was next to my work. I thought I had got it wrong coz I always imagined her living in a wonderful cottage near a beach. But NO she lives on the top floor of a very tall apartment building in the city, not only that but she lives in the penthouse which has this amazing wrap around deck with an almost 360 degree view AND a spa pool. We were so high up I felt like I could just about shake hands with people having dinner in the Sky Tower.

Add to this that tomorrow is my last day of work before my holiday starts and I’m feeling pretty amazing right now… just TWO more sleeps!!!



Oh by the way I have updated the houses project with Sept 69 to Dec 69.

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