First Light


This week I’m in Gisborne and this is the view from the hotel deck this morning. The cool thing about this is that apparently Gisborne is one of the first places in the world to see the sun, so as this is the first view of the sun this morning I could very well be the first person in the world to see the sun. Well that is if you don’t count people who have to go to work before the sun is even up.

Yesterday I received very bad news from America – Celine Dion has strained a vocal chord and has been ordered to have complete voice rest AGAIN, which means cancelled concerts. I am so angry and sad about this terrible news, I have been looking forward to going to the concert for so many years and finally I get to go and it’s only 14 more sleeps till I depart for America to see her.

Of course there will be plenty of other cool stuff to see and do and I’m still very excited about seeing my friends, Vegas, L.A. and San Francisco, but Celine was a pretty big highlight. My friend Amy has sent me some ideas for other concerts we could go to, but that doesn’t seem like a real good idea right now, as anything else will just be a huge disappointment, nothing could come close to a Celine concert in my world.

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