Heroic Gardens 2012 Day One

Twin Lakes

Originally uploaded by beejayge

This year the Heroic Gardens was different from previous years – there were several really large “gardens” included in an area called Coatesville which is now kinda famous thanks to Mr Dot.Com.

All six gardens we visited on day one were in Coatesville and they were all really large and certainly very impressive. This was not the Hero Gardens Festival as I know it, it’s evolved over the years into something much bigger than it used to be and as such has lost some of it’s charm, but that definitely does not mean it wasn’t fabulous coz it was and the “Twin Lakes” garden was my favourite Coatesville garden.

The weather was the most amazing weather we have had all year – very sunny and very hot – perfect for the garden festival. This photo was taken from a lovely spot under a palm tree where we could rest in the shade and soak up the incredibly peaceful atmosphere of this stunning garden.

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