14 Years Ago


Originally uploaded by beejayge

Yesterday I took a casual wander around the local duty free store DFS (pictured above). I was quite excited because I wasn’t really window shopping – I could actually buy something if I wanted to and pay the duty free price coz I’m going overseas in just 30 more sleeps.

I ended up in the posh watch section where they have $25,000 watches etc with no intention of buying one, but I wondered if they still had the same watch I had always admired when I used to work in that duty free shop more than 14 years ago. In case you are curious it’s the Omega Constellation and yes they still have it but…

As I was standing there one of the staff called out my name – OMG!!! She remembered me from all those years ago – but what was more shocking – she’s still there!!! We had a wee catch up and apparently there are about four other staff members still there from the good old days who remember me – WOW.

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