The Museum Looks Fabulous


Today I played tourist with one of my best friends and a friend of his who is from Argentina. We had lunch in Mt Eden then headed for the north shore so I could get changed, coz before lunch the weather was great but by the end of lunch it was a bit cold and I was dressed for summer – which it is not!

From there we headed over to the Chelsea Sugar Refinery which has a great view of the city and sits next to a lake in some lovely gardens. It would be a nice place for a picnic.

Then we went to a couple of the fantastic lookout points near the harbour bridge including the one that you get to by going through a tunnel the Bridge Toll collectors used to access their toll booths.

Next we walked around the rocks between Takapuna beach and Milford beach, something I hadn’t done since the early 80s I’m sure and certainly not without a beer or a wine in my hand.

Finally after dinner we went to see the Museum all lit up. It was spectacular and well worth making an effort to see. The lights change colours randomly making the whole thing even more fabulous. I believe the lights have been installed to celebrate the Museum turning 80.

I love playing tourist in my own city, it makes you appreciate it in a whole new way. Plus add to this the extra special things Auckland is doing for the World Cup, it makes Auckland a great place to be right now. Something to be very proud of.

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