World Cup Fever


Cup Fever has well and truly begun.  Senior Fluffy and I went down to Queen St at lunch time to check out the official Rugby World Cup store.  It’s quite cool, you can buy rugby jerseys for all the teams, scarves, caps, hats, tee shirts, socks, $90 neck ties, calendars, diaries, towels, flags, post cards, leather wallets, shot glasses, whiskey glasses, golf balls, pens and even dog leashes.

We were in there a couple of weeks ago and we were the only ones at that time, but today the store was quite busy with customers all spending up large keeping all the staff very busy (I counted about 10 staff, which is a lot for a store that size).  But the World Cup doesn’t start for a couple more weeks, so imagine what it will be like once it has started – best get your merchandise now I guess.

I was very tempted to buy something, but then I thought… why!!!  I don’t even like rugby and won’t be watching any of the games, so that really would be a waste of money.  BUT if I did buy something it certainly wouldn’t have an Adidas logo anywhere on it.

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