It Snowed in Auckland


For the first time ever… I saw snow falling in Auckland City.  The office I work in is on the 7th floor so we’re relatively high up meaning we got a really good look at the snow falling.  Leading up to this time we could see a couple of “flakes” falling every now and then and sort of kidded ourselves into believing it was snow – but then at about half past two it really did snow.  It was awesome and felt like history in the making.

It didn’t last long and certainly didn’t settle on the ground but for a brief moment in time it was beautiful and exciting.  I’m so glad I wasn’t in the training room at that time, coz I would have missed it – there are no windows in there.

A couple of minutes later I checked the weather app on my iPhone to see if it actually said snow & I was so happy to see the snow on the display I had to take a screen shot as proof – it really did snow in Auckland.

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