Random Irony


About two weeks ago I received an email from my local library to tell me a book I had reserved was ready for pick up. By the end of last week I still hadn’t collected it and I was about to miss the deadline for collection so I phoned the library to discuss this. I explained how I’d put off collecting a book for so long it was probably too late, the guy asked me for my name and what was the book called.  I said I had no idea what it was called but it was about Procrastination.  He at least had the good humour to see the funny side of this and laughed.

So I arranged to collect the book from the library in town, that way I could pick it up in a lunch break.  Today was the day, I headed off to the library after eating my lunch quickly leaving just enough time to get to the library and back before my lunch break was over.  On the way to the library I noticed lots of people milling around waiting for something.  I didn’t have time to wait and see what was going to happen so I crossed the road and hurried into the library.

I found the book in the holds section and went to the self check out machine.  I love that machine it’s so cool.  I scanned my card no problem but it wouldn’t read the barcode of the book.  I tried many times but couldn’t get it to recognise the book, but it gave some message about continuing with any more items.  I pressed the I’m done button and it didn’t issue me with a receipt.  After wasting more time a lovely lady came over and asked if I was alright.  I said no not really and explained how the machine didn’t issue me with a receipt so I don’t know if I’d checked the book out or not.  She looked at me like that was the strangest thing she’d ever heard, took me over to the main computer, scanned my library card and said no the book hadn’t been checked out yet.  So she did it for me… she opened the book found the library bar code and scanned it no problem.  I then realised embarrassingly I had stupidly been trying to scan the publisher’s bar code on the back of the book and not the library bar code.  Oops!!!

So after all that I was in a bit of a hurry to get back to work and not be late – but I was stuck on the wrong side of the road and couldn’t cross back over Queen St to get to work because there was a parade.  Of all parades to be holding me up it was – BOOBS on BIKES!

Of course if I hadn’t procrastinated by having lunch before I went to the library I wouldn’t have got stuck staring at all those boobs on bikes.  So how does this sound to you… upon returning to work trying to explain to my boss the reason I was a bit late back was because I went to the library to get a book out but got stuck waiting for the Boobs on Bikes parade to finish.

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