Auckland University Heritage Walk


On Sunday I did the official Auckland University Heritage walk with a friend.  The official walk covers the area in and around the University of Auckland taking in buildings such as those first built in the 1840s.  The guide book covers the history of each building which was fascinating and provided many great photographic opportunities.  The weather was amazing on Sunday so it turned out to be the best day to go.

The photo above is of the brand new Business School building which was the highlight for me and something I had wanted to photograph for quite a while.  I realise there is no history or heritage attached to this building but it was certainly magnificent and by far one of the most stunning pieces of architecture I have ever been able to photograph.  It also cemented in my mind what my favourite thing to photograph is: Architecture, which of course explains why the one thing I have more photos of than any other is the Sky Tower, I just can’t resist photographing it.

I’m so happy I have at last established what my “thing” is.

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