Food for Thought


Yesterday I did the Auckland University Heritage Walk.  It was the perfect day for it, not too cold – not too hot, beautiful clear blue skies and hardly any people around.  The walk was fascinating and very educational, well worth taking the time to do.

In a small park that stretches all the way from Symonds Street down to Beach Road, we spotted this sign.  From a distance it looked like the sign said No Smoking, but after closer inspection we realised it said No Swimming. The sign doesn’t look all that old, so it must have been recently replaced but the weird thing is… WHY?  Why is the sign there and why can’t you swim, there is no water to swim in anyway.

My guess is that originally this park led you down to the water’s edge on Beach Road, perhaps it didn’t used to be a road at the bottom of the hill but an actual beach.  So why couldn’t you swim there?  Or is the whole thing just a funny joke?

My friend Michelle emailed me today with a link explaining exactly what the sign is for.  Seems I guessed right: Click Me

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