The Library



Today I had lunch with a friend at a great cafe near the library in Highbury.  After lunch I decided to have a look round the library – something I have been meaning to do ever since it reopened about 2 years ago.

A very friendly lady came up and asked me if there was anything she could help me with (I had to do some quick thinking there for something that I might be interested in) so I said I was looking for books on photography, specifically Brian Brake photography.  Turns out they have several but they are all out or in other libraries, so together we reserved them all.  Of course I couldn’t find my card as I hadn’t been to a library for years, so she simply issued me a new one and this one of course is an Auckland library card which gives me access to any of the 55 libraries around Auckland, including the big one in the city.

While she was setting me up with my new card I looked round and right next to where I was sitting was a book of photos by another famous New Zealander that I had seen in the shops for $99 so I grabbed that one and asked if I could put that on my new card, she said sure and took me to the self check out machine.

I had completely forgotten how cool the library is, so if you haven’t been lately I thoroughly recommend it.  The top photo is the new library and the second photo is the view from the library.

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