The Marvelous Mega Mitre 10

Today I went to the Mega Mitre 10 store near Wairau Road to get a washer thingy for my toilet with Dad.  We asked someone where the plumbing section was and were politely shown exactly where to go.  Soon we found the washer we needed, it was a little bit bigger but for where it was supposed to go, it didn’t matter, I figured it would actually create a better seal around the pipe.

Then the most amazing customer service happened.  A man who worked there bowled up to us and said: “Sorry guys that’s not the one you need, it won’t fit – see it’s slightly bigger than yours.  We don’t sell the one you want, but you can get it from Reece’s in Mairangi Bay, they’re open till 4:00 today.

Wow – I’m still blown away by the complete randomness of this.  If he didn’t observe us selecting the wrong thing, we would’ve gone home none the wiser and wondered why it didn’t work.

Because of this awesome service I said to Dad we really should buy something from here anyway.  Between the two of us we ended up spending about $40, which was ten times more than we would’ve spent on one washer.  We went to Reece’s, they had the right washer and it works beautifully.

So thank you Mitre 10 – AND they have Fly Buys.

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