Auckland Photo Day 2011

Today was the Auckland Photo Day – part of the Auckland Festival of Photography.  The idea was to get out, take photos and hopefully find something worthy of entering into the competition.

The theme is… for one day only photographers are asked to capture an image which reflects their Auckland.

I got up this morning feeling awful with a head cold and decided I should probably forget the competition and stay in bed, but the friend I had organized to go with sent me a text message saying she’d meet me at 10:00, that was the push I needed to get out of bed and just “do it!”

I’m so glad I did.  We decided to do one of the “Historical Walks” around Auckland City.  It was a wonderful day out seeing and photographing parts of Auckland I never even knew existed.  Thanks to my friend’s guide book we ended up in some amazing & fascinating places that completely made me forget about being sick and the competition and just enjoy my beloved Auckland City.

One of the highlights was a hidden oasis in front of the University Law School which amazingly has a secret natural spring water supply.  Apparently the water was used hundreds of years ago by a local brewery.

But the biggest highlight was finding the Ironbank building on K Road – pictured above.  I have wanted to photograph this building ever since I first saw a photo of it a couple of years ago.  The building is awesome and has the most stunning lift shaft I’ve ever seen.  I think this building has won architectural awards and if it hasn’t – it really should.

I’ve looked through all the photos I took today and I’m really happy with them, there are several I may enter into the competition as I can’t decide on any particular one, I wonder how many entries you can have.


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