A Day of Contrasts


Today started out at the movies in St Lukes – X Men, which was great. Then I met up with a friend in Titirangi to view several photographic exhibitions.

The last exhibition we went to was at the Corban’s Estate and that one would be my favourite so far. That’s were I took the photo of the church above. I must go back there one day to photograph it properly, there’s even a heritage walk we can do.

While having coffee in Titirangi my friend pulled these two amazing old cameras out of her bag for me to look at.

It struck me later as I looked back on my day and though about the cool contrasting moments I had. The exhibitions were of modern images in really old buildings. While enjoying coffee – a relatively new thing to do – I was holding an impressively old camera which belonged to a new friend. I started out my day seeing a brand new high tech movie with an “old” friend and ended my day in an old vineyard with a new friend.

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