Somebody Give That Lady A Break

This morning on the bus there was a lady sitting in front of me composing an official looking email on her big laptop. I thought this was sad that she has so much work to do and not enough time in her day to get it all done. Surely catching the bus could be a time for reading a book, playing a game, knitting or napping.

BUT THEN… she juggles her laptop precariously while trying to grab something from her bag and not poke the poor guy sitting next to her with her elbow. At last she found it – her iPad. She then got busy looking for something on her iPad and typing about it on her laptop. This required a lot of juggling between the two machines.

I stopped feeling sad at that point – she’s just showing off. The perfect ending to all this was when the guy sitting next to her got off the bus, turned to get a better look at the ridiculous person sitting next to him and gave her such a look of disgust it was beautiful.

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