Here I am blogging all the way from the Flames Hotel in Whangarei. I’m very pleased to say they have done a bit of renovation since I was last here and the rooms are actually quite nice. The pool looks very inviting – shame it’s far too cold to use it.

This is my second time to stay here, I was up here about two years ago and I really wish I’d stayed somewhere else, don’t get me wrong the hotel is lovely, the food is great and the service is the best I’ve ever experienced anywhere. The problem is – it’s a bit isolated from everything and there’s nothing to do around here.

I’ve looked through the Guest Directory to find things they recommend to do and there is a tiny mention of a 30 minute walk around the base of some hill through the mangroves. Apparently there is even “small snapping creatures” that can be seen amongst the mangroves! Well I’m sorry but that just doesn’t really get me very excited at all – plus by the time I get back here after work it’s almost dark and NO… walking through the mangroves in the dark while trying to avoid stepping on some small snapping creature all on my own terrifies me.

While looking for something in the directory to do I came across a page dedicated to warning you not to cook toast. Not sure who would actually bring a toaster with them to a hotel, but if you do and this upsets the flash new heat protection system they have installed, causing the fire alarm to go off, you will be fined $1,000 to cover the cost of the fire brigade call out fee. Now that’s a very expensive piece of toast!

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