I had to pick something up from Mt Eden today so while I was there I went for a wee trip down memory lane. The first school I ever went to is in Mt Eden – Maungawhau School.  The school is still there but none of the original buildings are.

I went for a walk through the school hoping to have some little flashbacks of my time there, but mostly I got a big blank feeling something like what I imagine amnesia must feel like.

The swimming pool is still there and that looks the same, the field where we used to have a Xmas parade hasn’t changed much either and then I found the old tennis courts – that did it!  I got a really weird feeling of deja vu there and these very distant memories surfaced of marching in formation in the hot sun. I wonder if the marching was preparing us for the Xmas parade, or was it preparing us to grow up to be soldiers?  Do kids these days still learn to march in formation like that?  If they do I guess they get to wear sun hats while they are doing it.

On the way back to the car I walked past an area that used to be where my first year class was and I remembered ridiculous 2:00 naps on horrible plastic mats which took place after learning to count using coloured blocks of different lengths, I think they were called quisenaires or something like that!   (Edit…I just googled them and found out they still exist and are actually called “Cuisenaire Rods” named after the guy who invented them in 1952.  Click the name to see them in Wikipedia.)

On the way home I drove past a street where a friend lived, which reminded me of playing at his house after school, but it was all dark inside and his Mum was very glamorous, she was dressed up like the dancers on the “Happen In” TV show – mini skirt, long boots & “Bob” haircut. And she was smoking, plus I’m sure she had a big glass of gin or something like that in her other hand.  Thinking about it now… she was probably drunk (ladies in those days did a lot of early afternoon drinking) and not at all happy that her son had dragged some strange kid home from school without permission – she wasn’t very friendly and sent me straight home.  I’m sure that was the day I told him and some girl we were walking home with that I was from Wales!!!  When they asked me what it was like I said it was great coz it was next to the sea and you could see huge whales swimming right by the beach every day. They were so impressed they told everyone at school the next day, thank goodness my parents bought a house on the north shore after that & I didn’t have to keep up that charade for too long – I probably told them we were moving back to Wales LOL.

Wow – that was a very cool trip down memory lane.

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