Thank You Telecom

This weekend Telecom had a great deal on. You could phone several different countries and talk for up to two hours and only pay $2.00 for each call.  I made the most of this and called friends in the UK, Australia and USA.

One of my friends in London is off to Berlin next weekend so we got chatting about when I was there and how I had the chance to be there before the “Wall” was destroyed.  That meant I could go through Check Point Charlie and visit East Berlin and experience a totally different culture for a day.

This led to the digging out of a couple of old photo albums and scanning some of the photos of when I was there so my friend could see how much it had changed since I was there.

Here’s me being staunch and touching the Berlin Wall.  The scary thing was… on the other side of the Wall were soldiers with guns who shot anybody attempting to touch the Wall.  This might explain my expression!  You can click the photo for a bigger version.


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