Had to get up at 5:00 this morning to drive to Hamilton to run some courses down there.  Because it was school holidays the traffic was great and I made it at exactly 8:02 – the time my TomTom said I would arrive.

The weather in Hamilton was beautiful warm and sunny.  Went for a walk down by the river at lunch time to take this photo.

I decided not to rush back to Auckland after training coz the traffic would be awful.  I figured if I delay my departure the usual traffic would have cleared by the time I got to Auckland, so I took my time packing up and saying goodbye – BIG mistake.  I arrived in the Auckland area at about 5:30 which meant the usual 10 minute drive to the CBD from Mt Wellington took more than half an hour and seemed worse than the 4:30 crowd.  I guess I can’t win with the drive back to Auckland from the south at any time!

The Royal Wedding was on tonight, so I figured I would wait till the dress made it’s appearance at the church and then go to bed.  This is not my normal Friday night activity but this week has been exhausting.  I did get to see the dress but only just – it was perfect!

How come Harry’s outfit was more flash than William’s???


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