Apple are NOT in my Good Books Anymore

Last Xmas I bought a very cool car stereo with the money I got for Xmas and some Westfield vouchers I won.  The car stereo connects to my iPhone and I can control the songs and playlists from the car stereo and not have to worry about trying to operate my iPhone while driving just to change the song.

However… each time APPLE decide to upgrade the iPhone operating system (which happens about every two months) the car stereo no longer recognizes the iPhone and I get pissed off, this could be the cause of huge road rage.  Eventually Apple release a fix and all’s good again.  But I’m really tired of this behaviour from Apple, surely they can make sure the iPhones still work in accessory equipment before releasing a new version of the operating software.  It’s like how the Calendar dates in Outlook no longer sync correctly with the iPhone.

The latest grief Apple have caused me, is the Alarm problem.  I unfortunately slept in till 2:00 pm on new year’s day because the iPhone Alarm stopped working in 2011 and didn’t start working again till the 3rd.  1,000s of people all over the world were affected by this, people were late for work and other important appointments.  This problem also happened a couple of months ago when daylight savings came into effect.  THIS is NOT good enough.

People have complained for years about Microsoft, but I’ve never heard of these problems with Windows phones or computers, only iPhones.  Don’t get me completely wrong… I still LOVE my iPhone, it’s still the coolest thing I own and my most favourite toy in the whole world, but Apple have pissed me off.

Anyway I finally gave up today and bought a shiny new iPod Nano for the car and I’m very pleased to say… “it works!!!”


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