Waitomo Caves

Waitomo Caves

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Yesterday we went to the Waitomo Caves for the day. It was awesome, had a really great day. We did one of the combo tours which gave us entrance to two caves. I’m so glad we did that, coz that way we also got to go into the Ruakuri Cave, not just the famous Waitomo Cave with the glowworms.

I’ve been into the Waitomo cave before and seen the glowworms and it was cool to see it again now as an adult. However it was really boring and over protected compared to the awesome Ruakuri Cave.

The Ruakuri Cave was an intimate experience of just 7 people plus our guide was friendly, fun and interesting (the complete opposite of the Waitomo Caves guide, she was kinda patronising). You could photograph anything and everything and we got right up close to the glowworms. I would recommend this spectacular cave over the main Waitomo Cave any day. Check out my other Flickr photos of the two caves, especially to see the fantastic and amazing entrance to the Ruakuri Cave.

The photo above is of the main Waitomo Caves entrance, which looks amazing, but it’s a massive heat trap and made the whole area uncomfortable and for someone like me who hates the heat, it actually made it unbearable.


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