Tea at the Tea Lady

This morning I met up with a friend for coffee and a catch up at a little cafe in Birkenhead called the Tea Lady.  I have driven past there many times on my way to The Codfather for fish and chips and I’ve always wanted to go there for a cup of tea, but I don’t really like tea so I’ve never been.

So today I finally got to go there and it was not nice!  The actual venue was as quaint and cool as I thought it would be, but the food was awful and my friend and I both had coffee and that was awful too.  So we moved next door.

After our catch up I went down the road to an old favourite spot of mine… the Birkenhead warf were I took that popular photo of the Chelsea Sugar Refinery all those years ago.  Weather was not great and I only had my phone with me, so today’s pic is not flash.  I’m sure the sugar refinery has changed colours.  It used to be PINK, now it looks all orangey.


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