It’s Been a Tough Week

I have been hoping every day to upload a photo of my scales telling you all I have reached my goal at long last.  But it just is not going to happen.  I’m only 200 grams away from my target of 70 kgs and no matter how hard I worked or how long I spent on the stepper and no matter how little I ate, I just couldn’t break through the barrier.  I read somewhere that sometimes when you increase your exercise regime and decrease your food intake, your body is forced to store fat, so I think that’s what happened.  So on the two day conference I just endured (Thursday & Friday) I ate EVERYTHING!  I ate all the filled rolls, sausage rolls, little pizzas, sandwiches, pasta, rice, creamy curry, cakes and even the scones with jam and heaps of cream.

Then the stepper machine started making very loud creaking noises (no not after eating all that food), it’s been creaking since I bought it and I think if I take that away with me next time I’m staying in a hotel the people next door will complain.  So I had to take it back on Saturday morning to get someone to look at it.  The nice guy said he couldn’t look at it right now, instead he asked me if I minded if he simply swapped it for a brand new one.  Awesome… that made me so happy I bought an exercycle (as you can see).

The stepper is actually not the only thing to not go well this week.  My phone started playing up and nobody can ring me, it cuts out after one ring.  I can however ring out no problem.  So Telecom have kindly given me a credit for the inconvenience and are currently diverting all my phone calls to my cell phone (at their expense), cool eh!

Then there was the no water issue on Saturday morning.  One big flush of the toilet and I had no water left in my pipes.  Thank goodness I had already made my coffee.  By Saturday lunch time I was almost too scared to leave the house in case something else went wrong – like with the CAR.

But it turned out the water problem was a burst pipe somewhere near my house and nobody in my neighbourhood had water, the phone and step machine were also not my fault and all has turned out great, plus I now own a brand new piece of exercise equipment.  So I better win the biggest loser competition, just so I can afford to pay for this stuff.

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