Visiting Mum & Dad and then to a friend’s new house.  The new house is fabulous, so many cool features including a fireplace which we tried out and enjoyed.  So many different places to sit and chat… I Loved It!!!

When I got home I did a huge workout.  Some how I got into the zone and just didn’t want to stop.  I can’t believe I just typed those words, that is just not me, but a song on my iPod playlist: Cher’s song “One By One” kept pushing me to do more and just when I thought I’d had enough the next song started and it’s called: “We Can Get There” which really pushed me along.  I ended up doing 2 x 5 minute warm up sessions & then 30 minutes non stop.  That’s never happened before, usually I do the 2 x 5 thing then a 10 minute session (or 12 when I’m really into it).

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