London Day Twenty

Friday 21 April

Today the plan was to meet a friend for cocktails high up in a couple of the London skyscrapers, to enjoy a drink or two with a view.  To fill in time till then I booked an on-line ticket to Madame Tussaud’s and hoped there wouldn’t be the same long queues as on Monday.

After arriving at Waterloo station I caught the Tube to Picadilly Circus and walked all the way up Old Bond St for a spot of window shopping in the very flash designer label stores where all the “old money” goes shopping.

After that I caught the Tube from Bond St to Baker St where a queue-less Madame Tussaud’s awaited.

There were a lot of people inside it and it was a bit of a bun fight to try and take a photo without hundreds of people getting in the way or draping themselves over the mannequins for “selfies”, so in the end I just took photos of the random strangers anyway, don’t ask who the guy is standing next to the Queen, the Royal Family was a popular set and you had to queue up to have your pic taken by the professionals so I just took the photo and moved on.


There was a lot to look at and enjoy and there was even a 4D Marvel character movie experience which was very cool and a little taxi ride through the history of London (kinda like Toad Hall at Disneyland, or the Ghost Train for kids at the Easter Show).

From there I walked down Baker St all the way to Oxford St and caught a Tube to Liverpool St to meet my friend who took me up to a bar called Sushisamba on the 38th floor of Heron Tower.  Fab views and very cool atmosphere. 

From there we went to Tower 42, which used to be called the NatWest Tower, we went up to the 24th floor to a bar called City Social on the 24th floor.  It was so flash and fabulous that I couldn’t possibly order a beer, it felt more like a coffee martini kinda place.

The views were awesome.

And the view from the toilet was so amazing I almost forgot what I went in there for.

Next we went down to the ground floor of the same building for more cocktails in a bar called Paul.  After that we walked round the corner to a restaurant called Burger and Lobster.  They only do burgers and lobsters – it was fab and yes I had a whole lobster all to myself.  After desert I looked at my watch and suddenly felt like Cinderella as I had a very short amount of time to make it to the station to catch the last train home.  But I made it.

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