London Day Twelve

Thursday 13 April

Today we returned to England from Paris.  We caught the Metro back to the Gare Du Nord right where we started from, but this time it was easy.

Again we had a nice little bottle of wine each and then I fell asleep completely missing the Channel Tunnel, last thing I remember was the yellow flowers flooding the fields and then we were back in England.

Before catching the train back to Oxted we checked out Kings Cross Station which is across the road from St Pancras and that’s where platform 9 3/4 is located for all the Harry Potter fans and there’s a shop.  But the queue to get your pic taken pushing a trolley through a wall was ridiculous and I couldn’t even get anywhere near it to just take a photo.  The shop was crazy busy too and we had our luggage so I didn’t feel like dragging that around narrow shop aisles.

So we went home and then for dinner we went to a really good Nepalese Restaurant called Gurkha Kitchen.

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