London Day Thirteen

Friday 14 April

Even tho it is Good Friday and practically everything is banned from being open in New Zealand it’s the complete opposite here.  We went to the supermarket and it was packed – I felt like taking a video of it and sending it to the NZ government to show them all the lovely revenue they are missing out on by having such an antiquated law about not trading at Easter.

Then we drove out in to the country – Sussex – to have lunch in a very old 14th century pub in the little village where AA Milne is from.

Then we walked along the road to a quaint little cottage type shop called Pooh Corner where they have all sorts of Winnie the Pooh souvenirs, I scored myself a book called the Tao of Pooh which a friend lent me once and I’d been meaning to buy my own copy ever since.

From there we drove in to the woods in search of the famous Pooh Bridge where we even played a quick game of Pooh Sticks.

Along the way I encountered some really pretty little wild flowers I’d never seen before.

On the way home we stopped at a garden centre to buy a BBQ for tomorrow’s gathering.  It was a lovely garden centre with plenty of stuff to buy – even a huge range of gardening clothes.

What a lovely day out in the country followed by KFC for dinner, which is when I learnt you can’t get Potato and Gravy or bread rolls here!!!

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