Two weeks in Wellington

Well that was totally unexpected – I just spent two weeks down in Wellington for work.  I had a great time, the weather was amazing and I was doing really different things for work – no training at all, I was creating!

Here is where I spent the two weeks working, this is National Office


and this is where I slept.


I went for lots of big walks. On a really big walk I managed to climb a mountain, well it was only a hill but it wasn’t exactly easy to walk up, I found some track which I thought might take me somewhere with a good view but it ended up taking hours to get to the top. But the view was worth it once I finally made it. Oh and on the way I found Katherine Mansfield’s birthplace.

SAM_3202 SAM_3209 SAM_3213 SAM_3154

With all the great weather we’ve been having Wellington seemed to be constantly in celebration mode. Every night there was a big party type atmosphere and everyone was outside eating and drinking having fun. Down on the waterfront there was even dancing!

SAM_3189 SAM_3193 SAM_3188 SAM_3184 SAM_3181 SAM_3243

On one of my walks I managed to make it all the way to the Westpac Stadium which I’ve heard about and seen from a distance many times but never been right up to and seen the very cool entrance. While walking around near the stadium I ended up on a road with a really amusing street sign which simply said give way when wet. I laughed out loud (no really I did) thinking well what happens when it’s not wet – do just drive straight through??? Turns out the pole was missing the middle sign which says slippery.

SAM_3166 SAM_3168 SAM_3174 SAM_3162

One of the great things about this trip was, this time my Auckland Boss was in Wellington at the same time so we did loads of things together after work like walking through the rose gardens, up the cable car hill, along the waterfront, eating dinner in some great restaurants and hiring a tricycle and peddling to some beach while nearly dying from laughing too much. I had a blast – it makes a huge difference to have someone to do things with when I’m away on these trips.

SAM_3148 SAM_3145 SAM_3132 SAM_3128

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