Holiday Blog Day 20 – The Bed is Too Big

Wednesday, 9 January

Today really felt like I’m on holiday.  I had several friends ring me this morning who are still on holiday like me and wanted to have coffee and a catch up but I had to say to both of them that I would love to see them but I’m waiting for a bed to arrive so would you like to come here for coffee instead.

As it turned out one popped round in the morning and the other popped round in the afternoon and about an hour after the morning friend left and 10 minutes before the afternoon friend arrived, the bed was delivered.  It was a gorgeous day for sitting in the courtyard & catching up with old friends, the weather couldn’t have been more perfect.

However the bed delivery didn’t go quite so well as the rest of the day – the delivery guys could not get the base up my stairs.  Whoever designed the building I live in clearly didn’t give any thought to getting furniture up to the bedrooms.  How have all my neighbours managed to do it?  There was a lot of pushing and shoving from me and the two big fullas, but the base was just not going to fit.  The height of the roof, the angle of the steps, the width of the staircase and the width of the handrail all transpired against us.  So the main bed delivery dude said: “sorry mate but we haven’t got time to muck around with this we’ll have to leave it here”.  I exclaimed that in that case they would have to take the bed back to where it came from coz you can’t just leave me with a bed stuck in my staircase.

Then I had a thought, I wondered if I moved the Xmas tree (yes my tree is still up) out of the alcove at the bottom of the offending stairs, could we fit it through the hole/window thingy.  I ran to get a tape measure, discovered it would fit and that’s how we got it up.  Thank goodness.  And in case you are wondering how I got my previous bed up there, it was a slat bed that completely comes apart in times of moving.

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