Holiday Blog Day 4, Xmas Eve

Monday, 24 December was the day I got absolutely drenched trying to get back to my car with all the Xmas groceries from the supermarket in jandals. The last time I tried to get anywhere in heavy rain in jandals was on the treacherous Queen Mary museum in Long Beach where I nearly crashed through a huge plate of glass (read more here) at least it brought back a host of cool memories from my trip to the States back in March. Luckily the jandals I have now have plenty of traction and there was no sliding at all. Surprisingly the supermarket was nowhere near as crowded as I pictured it.

The most annoying thing about the rain was we’ve been expecting heavy torrential rain since last Monday, but it never eventuated which was most annoying coz every day I’ve put off watering my garden coz I knew it was going to rain – but it never did, my poor plants were very thirsty and almost dead, so I gave in and watered them and that’s probably why it finally rained – and now two days later it’s still flipping raining.

The evening was spent with a group of friends, we’ve been getting together on Xmas Eve for nearly 10 years now – loads of great food, wonderful company and presents.

After dinner to make room for desert a couple of us always go for a walk round the neighbourhood to look for Xmas lights. This year the local shops had massive blue light displays at the roundabout which was very cool.




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