Holiday Blog Day 2

Saturday, 22 December started off quite relaxing, but then my brother phoned and that’s how I found out we had purchased the same gift for someone. There is no way they could use two of the same thing so I decided I would take mine back to the shop and hopefully get a refund.

The worst of this whole ordeal was going back to the mall, especially since I was so pleased with myself yesterday knowing I wouldn’t have to go back there till well after Xmas. The mall was exactly as I expected it to be, cars parked on the grass where they shouldn’t be due to a lack of parks, which is hard to believe considering just how many parks there actually is and the mall was filled with screaming pushy children and people who have no idea about, at least trying to walk on the left.

But luckily someone was pulling out of their car park as I arrived and I got a park easily and managed to get to the shop I needed to get to without too many bruises from pushchairs and trolleys. Getting a refund was also very easy and all up I was probably in and out in less than 15 minutes.

Later on I went to St Lukes to see the Hobbit in 3D, the super high frame rate version. It was very impressive, the 3D made it feel like I was right there and the super fast frame rate sure did make it look extremely vivid and clear – like an HD TV playing a Blue Ray movie compared to a normal DVD played on an old CRT TV.




The photos are from my last trip to Wellington a couple of weeks ago. The trolls were in Te Papa, Gandalf was outside the Embassy Theatre and Gollum is hanging from the ceiling of the domestic airport.

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