I’ve been down in Dunedin for two days work and had a great time. The weather has been perfect, cloudless blue skies but a tad chilly (minus two degrees when I arrived yesterday morning). I even got to leave work early enough to do the Cadbury Chocolate factory tour, something I’ve wanted to do for years ever since I heard such a thing exists.

The tour was definitely worth doing, it was 75 minutes long and at just about every every major view point we got a chocolate bar, we even got to taste the liquid chocolate that goes into Jaffas. The tour guide asked us many questions and if we answered correctly and first, she’d throw a mini chocolate bar at you, like what’s in a box of Favourites.

At the end of the tour the guide came looking for me in the gift shop and said they had a special cap on sale just for me, then dragged me to the baseball cap section and pointed out the Jaffa caps. That was actually so funny and clever I had to buy one, she’d made me feel special.

After the tour I wandered around the city taking photos till dark then headed back to the hotel for dinner. Looking at the photos I took, I’m really pleased with them. The top photo in today’s blog was taken somewhere over the southern alps, Mt Cook might be in there somewhere. The next one is of the Dunedin railway station, the tour guide said it was the third most photographed building in the Southern Hemisphere. She then asked us if we knew what the most photographed building in the Southern Hemisphere is and I guessed the Sydney Opera House, I guessed right and won a picnic bar for that. The last picture is of a building in the Octagon, but I have no idea what it is, I just liked how the daffodils were everywhere and made the place look happy.

I’ll upload the rest to Flickr later for you to see.

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