Something old is something new



Yesterday I went with some friends to the Auckland Museum to see the Wildlife Photography Exhibition. Very glad I went as it got me all excited to take photos again but it also taught me something… I’m really not into wildlife photography at all.

Today I went to Dad’s place for lunch and as he is downsizing to a smaller home eventually, he is trying hard to part with stuff that he just won’t have room for or needs. A couple of weeks ago he asked us if there was anything we wanted from the china cabinet and I contemplated taking the coffee set which Mum treasured so much. But I couldn’t work out if I wanted it because it reminded me of Mum or whether it would just be a cool thing to have. Mum started acquiring bits from the Acapulco collection back in the 70s so that’s what it reminds me of (Mum & the 70s) and back then I didn’t like it very much, it was too busy and colourful. Mum also had an electric jug in the same design and a hot plate thing for a tea pot and a whole set of coffee cups, so back then as a kid it felt like it was everywhere.

So whether it reminds me of Mum, my childhood or I just think its cool, I decided to take it anyway. Now I shall have to have a tea party (coffee party) to use it.

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