Feeling Lucky

Dear readers, sorry it’s been so long since I updated my blog, but I bought a new tv a couple of weeks ago, upgraded to the amazing MySky HDi and I’ve been enjoying that too much to tear myself away long enough to write a blog.

However today I had lunch with a friend who lives near my work on the top floor of an apartment building and the view is so stunning I could hardly concentrate on the delicious meal we were having. I feel so lucky to know her, she’s always fun to be with and it’s so cool to be able to visit someone at their home during my lunch break.

The other thing that made me feel lucky today was… 10 minutes after I got back to work the sky turned black, the temperature turned cold and it started hailing. When I first arrived at my friends place it was so warm and sunny we actually sat outside on her deck.

While I was waiting for the lift to come and take me all the way back down to earth I took a couple of photos…




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